ian sharpe MBCS
United Kingdom

I offer freelance services in software development, web site creation, data manipulation and technical writing

PLEASE NOTE: I am currently unavailable due to extended contract work of unknown duration

Bespoke software development

I undertake freelance programming and will work remotely or, if you are within commuting distance of Bath, at your premises.

I can produce software to your specification or help you develop one.

My experience of languages and technologies includes (but is not limited to), Java, Flex, VB.Net, C#.Net, Visual Basic 6, Visual Basic for Applications (Office macros), C, PHP, Javascript / jQuery, Hibernate, HTML, CSS and PDF internals. Although I am not skilled in digital electronics, I work with people who are and so have useful exposure to it.

Until late 2012 I had spent five years on data processing, digital printing, back-end web, SQL, business process automation, Windows utility programs and more.

Presently I spend most of my time with the team at Dot Software on a variety of technically oriented projects. Recent examples are engineering, monitoring and control applications, embedded software (PIC microcontrollers) and a corporate risk assessment system.

Software developer since 1985  •  Writer and editor since 1986  •  Professional member of the British Computer Society